Clayoquot Oyster Festival
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In 2014 the Clayoquot Sound Oyster Festival will celebrate its 17th anniversary of showcasing Tofino’s favourite bivalve.  The festival is held annually on the 3rd week of November, coinciding with the beginning of the area’s oyster harvest as this is when oysters are at their plumpest!

Approximately 50,000 gallons of oysters are harvested in Clayoquot sound every year and festival goers do their very best to keep many of these oysters from travelling very far since over the four nights 500-600 festival goers will slurp back around 8,000 oysters.

What began in 1997 as a one night event to break up the winter blues and call attention to a sustainable aquaculture industry has now grown in to four days of oyster events that include a costume party, oyster farm tours, restaurant events and a gala featuring chefs competition all in the name of Clayoquot Sound’s love of eating oysters and feeling good.

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