Komo Gway

Komo Gway Oyster from Pentlatch Seafood

ORIGIN: Baynes Sound, BC

SIZE: Extra small to medium

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Refreshing briny taste, subtle note of cucumber, and a slightly sweet finish.

NOTES: These proprietary beach grown oysters have are rough-shelled with a firm ivory meat and a fresh briny finish.

Traditionally harvested by the K’omoks First Nation, using sustainable harvesting practices while honoring their ancestors who practiced similar methods. This ensures the sustainability of the seas and it’s creatures for generations to come.

Pentlatch Seafoods, a company wholly owned and operated by the K’ómoks First Nation, honors the Legend of Komo Gway by ensuring, above all, the sustainability of the sea and its creatures by seeding, annually, millions of Manila Clams and Pacific Oysters on their beaches. They have also implemented an Environmental Stewardship Program that supports the continuation of clean marine waters within their traditional territory. The mission statement is “Clean Water, Our Responsibility, Our Legacy” works for the  sustainability of resources and their legacy to future generations.

Komo Gway oysters are distributed by Salish Seafoods.