Little Wing

Little Wing Oyster

ORIGIN: Okeover Inlet, BC

SIZE: Extra small to medium

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Sweet, well balanced, with a pleasant, fresh aftertaste.

NOTES: Sweet, well balanced oyster in a distinctive deep cup shell with a pleasant, fresh aftertaste. They’re clean and cold and slightly brackish in flavour—much of which, incidentally, is owed to the pristine environment of Desolation Sound and its surrounding waters.

Okeover Inlet is located 150 km north of Vancouver in a sparsely populated area. The waters of the inlet are clean and rich in plankton providing one of the best areas of the province for growing shellfish.

Working since 2001, the farmers have fine tuned their process for growing Little Wings. They start with a floating bag system where the oysters are kept at the surface to take advantage of the richer, warmer waters. The wave action created by wind and boats keeps the oysters moving inside the bags resulting in a well-formed oyster with a deep cup. The floating bags create a harder shell and more of the energy is directed toward the growing meat than found in tray or rack grown product.

As the oysters reach two to three inches, they are manually sorted to pull the best grade before being put on the beach. When the oysters are placed on the beach for more than two months, they develop a taste unique to the site. The beach period also reinforces the shells, conditions the oyster to stay shut for longer periods causing the meat to become firm.

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