Shuck an Oyster
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How to Shuck an Oyster

Shucking oysters is simple once you know how.  For ease and safety, it is important to use a proper oyster shucking knife and to protect the hand holding the oyster with a heavy glove or dish towel.

1. Firmly hold the oyster against a solid surface, with the cupped shell on the bottom. Look for the hinge of the shell, it looks like an exposed seam.

2. Insert the oyster knife into the seam, with the blade parallel to the seam. Use the point to do this, gently but firmly rocking the knife back and forth.

3. Once the knife is inserted into the seam, you can now twist the blade causing the shell to pop open slightly.

4. Slide the knife along the the inside edge between the shell and the meat, to cut the hinge. Work carefully not to spill the liquid in the shell.

5. Slide the knife under the oyster in the cupped shell, as close to the shell as possible,  to free it for slurping. Set the oyster in the shell down onto a bed of ice for serving.