Royal Courtesan

Royal Courtesan Oyster from Cortes Island, BC

ORIGIN: Cortes Island, BC

SIZE: Small to Large

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Salty up front with a sweet cream, cucumber and seaweed earthy finish.

NOTES:  Royal Courtesans are harvested from the waters around Cortes Island, specifically, from the west side of Marina Island, near Shark Spit. All sizes of “Royal Courtesans” are beach hardened oysters, with shell size ranging from 2″ to 6″.  Shells are very hard, thick and craggy on the outside, with the sensuous oyster meat within, being extremely full flavoured.

Oyster farmer Brent Petkau, aka ‘The Oyster Man’ is passionate about what he does, and bringing the love of oysters to the people of Nelson, BC for more than a decade. He describes the experience of enjoying his oysters, “The “Royal Courtesans” taste like GREAT SEX! The renowned freshness and sexiness of the “Royal Courtesan” will quite literally, take you… OUT OF THIS WORLD.  The flavour profile will assist oyster lovers of the world to RE-IMAGINE your fullest potential.”

Read more about oyster farmer Brent Petkau and the Royal Courtesan on his website The Oyster Man.