Silent Harvest

Silent Harvest, Cortes Island

ORIGIN: Gorge Harbour on Cortes Island, BC

SIZE: Extra Small to Medium

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Fairly mild in flavour, meat is creamy in colour and very firm.

NOTES: Silent Harvest oysters come in a range of sizes from xs and s tray oysters to large and Medium and shuck oysters from strings.  The flavour of these oysters is fairly mild and the meat is a creamy colour and very firm due to current flow.  The tray oysters have a large frill and the string oysters less so.

We also raise beach hardened oysters which develop a stronger flavour which are grown just outside Gorge Harbour in Uganda Passage.  The colour of the meat is also cream in colour with a dark mantle.  The beach oysters come in all sizes from gems to Medium, and a few large.

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