Summer Ice Oysters

Summer Ice Oyster,Macs Oysters, Jervis Inlet, BC

ORIGIN: Sykes Island, Jervis Inlet, BC

SIZE: Small

FLAVOUR PROFILE: A high salinity with very firm somewhat transparent meats and a mild flavor.

NOTES: Summer Ices are a brilliant solution to the R month problem. In mid spring  the trays are dropped to a depth that has the same water temperature as winter, about 60 feet deep. This prevents the oysters from spawning and the deep, cold waters encourage a much firmer flesh with mild flavour.

Tray suspension protects the oysters from predators, mud, sand and silt.  Grown in trays suspended off the ocean floor on rafts or long-lines. The characteristics of a tray product are a deep-cup, clean, barnacle free shell and have weaker abductor muscles for easy shucking.

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