Zen Hollie Wood Oyster, deep water off Vancouver Island BC

ORIGIN: Denman Island, BC

SIZE: Extra Small to Small

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Mildly sweet, delicate fresh melon finish.

NOTES: Zen oysters are grown in deep water and tumbled for their shape. Typically the Zen has a pretty purplish colour to it and has less chance of barnacles on them as they are usually a younger oyster and tumbled. During the summer they are  harvested straight out of the water and onto ice to preserve freshness and quality.  All Hollie Wood Oysters are sustainable and Ocean Wise approved.

Family operated shellfish farmers Greg and Hollie Wood have  been farming shellfish since 1996. Their farm is located in the pristine waters off Denman Island, part of  the oyster capital of Canada, the Baynes Sound region of Vancouver Island.

Zen oysters are  tumbled to give them a really nice deep cup and sunk deep in the ocean during the summer months to eliminate the spawning. The oysters are very small and are meant to be eaten raw. Chefs like them because they are full of meat, easy to shuck open and the meat is mild and crisp with a hint of a melon finish. The shells have very little frill to worry about which makes for a nicer presentation.

Read more about Hollie Wood Oysters at their website.

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